Fear vs. Faith

And how this epic struggle is playing out as I prepare for one hell of a physical challenge.

It isn't always easy

And it doesn't always feel good.

What I learned from my brush with COVID

When we're sick, the need for rest becomes impossible to ignore. And that's a good thing, because we need rest in...

What's your word for 2022?

What's one word that sums up your hopes or aspirations or intentions for the coming year?

What do you need to say YES to?

Here's your permission slip.

The Power of a Single Question

What's one habit of yours that, if changed, would make you feel a lot better day to day?

Enough already!

Where in your life do you need to say "enough"?

Get out your rose-coloured glasses

A reminder to seek out the beauty in this world, to take notice of it and to breathe a sigh of gratitude for it.

Isn't that Interesting?

If given the option, we would all choose to only experience the "good" emotions, right?

Letting Your Creative Juices Flow

The more time I spend talking to humans, the more convinced I become that we are ALL fundamentally creative beings.
woman peeking over the top of a white sheet with eyes wide

Making Friends with Fear

And learning to LOVE that part of yourself you've been rejecting.

Just do the Bare Minimum

No seriously, I mean it. Full permission to do only what is most needed right now. The less the better.

Looking on the Bright Side

The cool thing is, as we start to train our brains to notice positives, they start doing that for us throughout our days.

Emotional Heavy Lifting

Our emotions exist to be felt, to tell us whatever it is they are trying to tell us, and then to move on.
Woman curled up sleeping in a bed of white sheets and pillows

In Defense of Rest

Tired. Overwhelmed. Burnt out. Whatever you want to call it, exhaustion seems to be the theme of January 2021.
Reflection in a sideview mirror of a blonde woman taking a photo

Who do you think you are?

In truth, what other people think about us isn’t really about us. It’s about them. It’s about their own egos, and the ways that we..
Person standing against twilight sky, letting a fan of leaves drift from their hand

Letting Go of the Old

In a way, 2020 has been all about letting go. So much fell away from us all at once, and we just don't know when the life we...
Tiny bud of a green plant, growing in the cracks between old metal pipes

Hope is a verb.

Hope feels hard to come by right now, doesn't it? Losing Ruth Bader Ginsberg felt like the death blow 2020 had been holding
Poster of a frowning yellow cartoon face, held up by two hands.

The Upside of Judgment

Judging is something we do so naturally as humans, and it's especially easy to judge others right now, isn't it?
Woman at the beach. Holding her arms wide, face to the sun

Give Yourself a Break... from Yourself

I’m not here to talk about all that’s wrong with the world, because you don’t need any more of that.
Female protester holding up a sign that says "I CAN'T BREATHE"

Black Lives Matter

I'll keep this short, because this conversation isn't about me. But I also couldn't live with myself if I stay silent one moment longer.
Two hands making the shape of a heart, holding white flowers

Take it Easy on Yourself

Raise your hand if you're being really hard on yourself right now. I know I am, and it seems like everyone I talk to is feeling badly
Two hands reaching out to touch across a divide

Wherever You Are Is Okay

If you’re scared, it’s okay to be scared. Be scared, and know that you are in good company. It’s a scary time. And if you’re sad...

Before It Gets Better

Sometimes it has to get worse. It’s a cliche for sure, but the truth is that sometimes it just has to get worse before it gets better.

November Wisdom

I can’t think of any person who doesn’t have some fluctuations in their mood and energy over the course of the year.

What I See For You

I see freedom for you. Freedom from comparisons with others and the toxic energy that brings into your life and relationships.

Dear Future Client

This is my dream for you. An expanded sense of self, to see yourself as you truly are, in all of your incredible potential.