What I See For You

I see freedom for you. Freedom from comparisons with others and the toxic energy that brings into your life and your relationships. I see that as you become more fully grounded in yourself, there will be less and less need to seek validation outside of yourself. 

I see you realizing that the only person whose permission you truly need is your own, and I see you learning to trust yourself and grant yourself permission to be who you are. 

I see you learning to value your own happiness and fulfillment highly enough that you’re willing to commit time and effort and resources towards the things that bring you joy. I see you taking up an activity for the simple reason that it makes you feel alive. I see you recognizing that feeling alive is worth its weight in gold, and that it will serve you and your vision in ways you can’t imagine.

I see you shedding people, possessions, and stories you’ve been telling yourself, in order to make room in your life for the new to emerge. 

I see you harnessing the power of narrative, and starting to tell yourself stories that serve you. Stories that help you move into the future with purpose and certainty, instead of staying oriented toward the past and whatever fears and blocks have been built up around it.

I see you slowing down and allowing yourself to move through your days at a pace that feels true to you. I see you coming to learn and respect your natural rhythms, and to harness the power of your own nature, rather than feeling you need to be anything other than exactly who and what you are.

I see you letting beauty into your life in whatever form most speaks to you, buying yourself flowers, listening to music, going to a show, dancing, watching the sun rise or set. That you will come to value the beauty all around you, to seek it out and celebrate it, letting it be a balm for your soul.  

I see you learning to see your setbacks as they are, simply information for the next time around. 

I see you coming to know and trust and inhabit your true self. With the clarity of your values as your north star, I see you learning to be yourself in every situation, no matter the stakes. I see you learning to trust that this is what is needed, and that your true self will be welcome. And if your true self is not welcome, I see you having the wisdom to know this is not a situation or a relationship you want to be a part of. 

I see you learning to recognize your saboteurs, the internal voices of shame and blame and “who do you think you are” and “you’re not _____ enough”, and to stop letting them rule your heart and your decisions. 

I see you recognizing the toxic impact of perfectionism on your life, and learning to let go of the need to please and impress everyone. I see you saying “better than nothing” and “good enough” when you try something new, instead of letting fear of failure keep you playing small. 

I see you playing big in your life. Taking big risks to create a reality that excites and inspires you. I see you getting crystal clear on your Life Purpose, what you and only you are here to do, and expressing that purpose every day. 

What might be possible for you if you set yourself free? If you decided to start writing your own permission slips? What would you do, just for the pure joy of it, because it makes you feel alive? 


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman


As always, thanks for reading, and if you find yourself needing some guidance along your journey, you know where to find me

With heart,