Dear Future Client

This is my dream for you. An expanded sense of self, to see yourself as you truly are, in all of your incredible potential. The courage to be who you are, to trust who you are, and to ask for what you want from life and the people in your life. The freedom to carve out exactly the life that you want in this world, even if it is vastly different – bigger and more exciting – than the lives of others around you, or the life you’ve been told you deserve. 

I see you developing the integrity of self it takes to trust what you like and what you don’t like, and to slowly cut away the people, places, and things that pull you away from your highest self. I see you finding the courage to love yourself so fully that you will accept nothing less from others. I see you growing in confidence and courage, learning to trust the validity of your own longings, and demanding the best for yourself. I see you getting more and more in touch with how you feel, and the things you struggle to do beginning to fall naturally into place in your life.

I see you learning to move through your days with a sense of ease, a calm purposefulness. Spending less and less of your precious time and energy on guilt or self-loathing or other forms of self-defeating thoughts. Coming to trust that the better you feel, the more the things you desire will come into your life, as if by magic. 

My vision for you is that you will come to know and love yourself so vastly that the things you once tolerated will become absolutely unacceptable to you, an affront to the dignity of your person. That you will trust the clarity of your own vision and your inspiration, and you will begin to take action toward your most forbidden dreams. That you will see that nothing is absolute and that – if you really truly desire something – you have the power to make it happen. That you will come to recognize with absolute certainty that what you think and what you do on a daily basis have the power to create anything.  

My hope is that this knowledge will excite you rather than terrify you. That faith will begin to replace your fear. Faith in yourself, the knowledge that you can count on yourself to do what you’ve said you will do. Faith in the universe, that it will meet you halfway if you put yourself out there and practice courage. Faith in other people to treat you as you deserve, and to take care of their own lives you so you can take care of your own. 

And perhaps most of all I hold patience for you. The patience to stop racing ahead and to actually enjoy where you are on your journey, trusting that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be at this moment in time. 

What might be possible if you believed that? What might you do differently? When I remember to slow down and honour the journey instead of racing ahead to the ‘destination’, I can be present to the moment right in front of me. And most importantly, especially for those of us prone to perfectionism and never enough-ism, looking back over how far we’ve already come is one of the most powerful ways to generate the confidence, strength and energy to move forward. 

Thanks for reading, and if this vision excites you, I’d love to support you on your journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out

With heart,